From Confusion to Confidence:
Understand All ADHD Symptoms

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Feeling Confused
Feeling Confident
Feeling Different
Feeling Prepared
Feeling Doubtful
Feeling Validated

The ADHD Diagnosis Journey Roadmap

Stage 1: Awareness
  • Learn that ADHD exists
  • Discover ADHD diversity and the 3 ADHD Types
  • Explore the Official and Unofficial Symptoms
  • Relate to ADHD on Social Media
Stage 2: Investigation
  • Do Online Test(s)
  • Personal Assessment: Symptom mapping, Journaling
  • Discuss with your family and friends (stories, testimonies, examples)
  • Talk to your doctor/Primary Care Physician (PCP)
Assess Yourself with 25 ADHD symptoms! Made by an ADHD Brain with visual examples.
The ADHD Workbook Recommended by Healthcare Professionals
Stage 3: Diagnosis
  • Find the right provider for an official diagnosis
  • Schedule an appointment with a specialist
  • Go through the official diagnosis process (Clinical Interview, Rating Scales)
  • Get a clear answer (diagnosed or not?)
Stage 4: Treatment / Management
  • Validation & Self-Acceptance
  • Understanding of Patterns & Behaviors
  • Coping Mechanisms & Useful Tools
  • Lifestyle Changes & Personal Growth
  • Clinical Treatment if needed

The ADHD Self-Assessment Workbook
+ 8 Organization Tools

-Gauge ADHD Likelihood 🔍
-Prep for Clinical Diagnosis 📋
-Leverage Insights & Tools to Thrive 🌟
$29 USD
$19 USD
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

What is included in the Workbook:

Illustrations that bring each ADHD symptom to life.
Insightful graphs to visually map out and understand your ADHD profile.
Valuable advice and actionable tips to guide you towards an official diagnosis.


"What if it's not right for me 🙁 ?"

If you don't find the workbook useful I'll refund you, no questions asked.😊💕

"Is the workbook a diagnosis tool ?"

Only a licensed healthcare professional can diagnose ADHD.

This workbook is designed to help you understand ADHD and how the symptoms of ADHD could affect your life. It is meant to help you figure out how likely you are to have ADHD.

Depending on your results you may want to pursue an official diagnosis. That process generally consist in demonstrating that you have been affected in a significant way since childhood by a number of ADHD symptoms. The Workbook will prove invaluable during that process as well because it helps you document and journal your experience with ADHD symptoms, ensuring you don't forget important details during the often stressful official diagnosis process.

"Is it a book or a PDF ?"

The workbook is a 67-page PDF file. You can print it or use it digitally on the device of your choice. I have also designed 8 Organization tools for the ADHD community (an additional 22 pages) which I send along with the Workbook.

Photo of Alice, aka the creator of The Mini ADHD Coach.

My Story

Hi! 😊 My Name is Alice,
I was diagnosed with ADHD at 29.

This late diagnosis changed my life as I finally understood why I struggled with so many things 😦 !

Just like you, one day I started to wonder if I had ADHD
Looking back, I can still feel the weight of that uncertainty 😔.

I felt alone and guilty of even allowing myself to explore the idea of having ADHD  !

That's why I made this workbook 😊 !

I've been in your shoes, and my goal is to help you break free from self-doubt and begin your journey to clarity. 💖

Finally understanding myself changed my life. You deserve to get answers too 💕✨

Get the Workbook!
30-Day Money Back Guarantee